Book reviews

This is new, I guess I now have a space to review books.

Alien Novels
Alien 3: The Unproduced First-draft Screenplay Review
Alien: Colony War Review
Alien: Inferno's Fall Review
Alien: Enemy of My Enemy Review

Dune Novels
Dune Review
Dune Messiah Review

Dungeons and Dragons Novels
    The Avatar Series
    Shadowdale Review
    Honor Among Thieves Tie-in Novels
    The Druid's Call Review

Pokémon Adventures Manga
Pokémon Adventures Vol.1 Review
Pokémon Adventures Vol.2 Review
Pokémon Adventures Vol.3 Review

Resident Evil Books
S.D. Perry Series
Resident Evil Book 1; The Umbrella Conspiracy Review
Resident Evil Book 2; Caliban Cove Review

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