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The Amazing Spider-man Review

Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC
Price: varies second hand
I played on: PS3
Notes: None of the DLC is available for this game since it was pulled from the Xbox and PlayStation Store so keep that in mind when buying this. It will be impossible to get all the costumes and content.

The Amazing Spider-man is based on the film of the same name and attempts to continue the story past the credits. The result is a mixed bag of web-swinging content.

With the Lizard behind bars and the city safe, Oscorp moves forward with Alistair Smythe leading them. The cross-species experiments left over from the events of the film are being removed when they sense Peter’s blood and escape. This leads to an outbreak of the cross-species infection across New York. Spidey must team up with Gwen Stacy and Dr Connors in order to control and cure this outbreak. This is an interesting idea and I admire the team for trying to expand past the film instead of being confined by it. However there are far too many plot holes throughout this adventure and along with mediocre dialogue, the plot falls short.

The graphics are very good for the most part but subject to glitches. I had the entire world change colour at one point. The Wall-crawler will also glitch through objects or land somewhere impossible and distort his limbs to try and fit. When not breaking this game looks amazing and I wish I could say these problems were rare but sadly they are not.

Combat is broken up into stealth sections and hand to hand fights. During stealth, you move around walls and ceilings and then perform takedowns on enemies. Early on you will unlock a move that allows you to tie enemies to the ceilings so other patrols will not find their bodies. This is where the game is the most fun as it plays out a lot like the Batman Arkham games. When you are detected you can retreat back to the shadows or stand and fight. If you choose to fight then you will have a web, attack and a counter button. This also plays like the Arkham games however due to Spidey’s Spider-sense it feels a lot more natural here. While not as precise as the Arkham games this is still a lot of fun.

Not knowing its strengths The Amazing Spider-man all too often has you duelling bosses with quick time events. Other parts of the game where you have to web swing to an area or run towards or away from something are dull as it’s mostly just holding R2 and forward with Spidey running on rails. Web Swinging outside is also lacking because there is no need to attach webbing to buildings with Spidey just swinging from nothing while you hold down R2 and the direction you wish to go. There is the Web-rush mode which allows you to slow down time by pressing R1 and then move to a predetermined area after releasing R1. This looks amazing but you don’t do anything so it’s pretty much just a short cutscene of Spider-man moving through the city with no input from you.

The Amazing Spider-man shows a lot of potential with the stealth and combat systems but then seems to ignore them in place of better looking but duller mechanics. This game is not awful but it’s only a little shy of it. I would say, anyone, after a Spider-man themed Arkham game should pick this one up but don’t expect too much.

Recommendation Rating: 5 out of 10

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