Wednesday, February 9

Check out my let's play of Classic Resident Evil 2!

The basic idea for this series of videos was to play through the entire campaign, both A and B scenarios. The twist? Well, whenever Claire or Leon interact with each other in any way we switch perspectives! This means we're able to see the story from an entirely new point of view. I'll link the first part below so you can watch it right here!

If you enjoyed that then you can find the entire playlist, all 6 parts, here: Resident Evil 2 Playlist!

One thing I noticed when editing and rewatching these videos back is that Sherry losing her necklace under the RPD makes no sense in terms of the timing. When playing the Leon B scenario we take control of Ada under the station, in the Disposal facility. Ada sees a little girl, Sherry, run away and drop a golden necklace while doing so. When Ada returns to Leon he receives a radio call from Claire saying she's found Sherry. This call gives us a fixed time point between Claire and Leon. When playing the Claire A scenario we see the other side of these events. Claire finds Sherry hiding in the room behind the chief's office. At this point, Sherry is still wearing the necklace. Claire then makes the same radio call to Leon telling him that she's found Sherry. This breaks the timeline because Ada saw Sherry drop the necklace before Claire made that call in Leon's scenario. But Sherry still has the necklace when Claire makes the same call in her scenario.

I'm sure there are other interesting details like this I missed during the playthrough. See how many you can find! ^_^

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