Saturday, October 17

Umbrella Corps Review

I played on: PS4
I paid: £11.99
Available on: PC, PS4
Notes: N/A

Oh my god, this may well be the worst Resident Evil “game” ever made. I mean Survivor 2 was awful trash that lasted around 30 minutes, but it was still more than this.

Let’s get this out the way right away. This is an online multiplayer game with as far as I can tell no one online. The servers are still up and if you have some friends you want to lose rather quickly you could invite them to play with you. Despite this, I’ve waited an hour before in a lobby with not even a single player joining. Simply put you can’t play this game. I mean there is a “single-player” mode called ‘The Experiment’ but it’s a hollow survival mode that amounts to little more than playing the multiplayer maps by yourself. I’d say it’s not even worth playing as its astoundingly short length and brutal difficulty suck away any possible enjoyment.

The best thing I could say about this game is that it doesn’t look awful. I mean it looks bad, but I have seen worse. Enemies melt into this awful looking gore puddle when killed. This effect reminds me of games on the N64 not one on the PS4. Clipping into character models is very common. Almost every death during the Experiment mode had the camera lingering inside the enemy that defeated me. Speaking of the camera, it’s far too close to your character leaving you unable to see monsters coming up to your side or behind you. I often died with no idea what was attacking me. The sound design is forgettable but considering the rest of this game is only memorable due to its dreadfulness maybe that’s a good thing.

According to the Resident Evil Wiki, there is a narrative tied to this trash, this amounts to short paragraphs for each mission of the Experiment mode. From what I can tell you are a new soldier for Umbrella and this miserable excuse for a campaign is your training. This takes place during 2012 so one could deduce that this must be Blue Umbrella as seen in RE7. The fact that the Umbrella logo is red contradicts the blue logo seen in that game. Your superiors also attempt to kill your character which seems to clash with the idea of Blue Umbrella being a reformed anti-BOW PMC. Then again, I’m expecting this game to make sense, so I guess this is my fault. There may be more story or lore in the multiplayer seeing as that’s the focus but I can’t access it due to the abandoned player base.

In short, I think most fans would agree that the Umbrella Corps is the worst game in the franchise. The story is canon (sadly) but clashes with the information we have in the numbered entries so it’s worthless. The visuals are crap. Lastly, the gameplay is simply a non-factor as you can’t even play the majority of it. Here it is, my first 0 out of 10 for a Resident Evil game. Hopefully, it will also be my last.

Recommendation Rating: 0 out of 10

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