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Resident Evil 3 Remake Review

I played on: PS4
I paid: £49.99
Available on: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Notes: This is a review for Resident Evil 3 and not the separate multiplayer game; Resident Evil Resistance, that came bundled with it. That review will remain separate from this.

Resident Evil has a strong history of remakes with both Resident Evil 1 and 2 remakes being simply amazing. Due to this high standard when Resident Evil 3 Remake (R3make) was announced I was very excited seeing as the original RE3 was my favorite of the classic trilogy. I’m very happy to say that R3make lives up to my high expectations.

In terms of presentation, this remake is very similar to REmake 2. That’s not a bad thing at all as that game looks, sounds, and feels astounding and the same is true with R3make. I love Jill’s new outfit but the attention to detail on her RE1 outfit that you can unlock is out of this world. Nemesis’ new design is also great, well I mean it’s terrifying in a way that the simple PS1 graphics could never have managed. This is a nitpick more than a legitimate complaint but it’s a shame you can’t change his appearance to the classic design.

The story remains, mostly, the same as the original game. That’s to say that all the broad strokes are there but a lot of the finer details have changed. For example, you’re no longer trying to repair a street tram to escape as now it’s an underground subway car you’re using. In the same sense, most of the areas from the original game are here but the order or how much you explore them has changed. Jill still fights Nemesis outside the Clock Tower, but you no longer explore its interior. To make up for this you now explore the hospital in more depth. The only area missing completely is Raccoon City Park and by extension the graveyard. The Umbrella facility that the story climaxes in is now located under the hospital. I can see why as the medical and biological research carried out there would be less obvious conducted in a hospital, but I still miss the park.

As you may have guessed by the absence of the graveyard certain enemies are missing similar to REmake 2. This includes the Gravedigger boss that you previously fought and killed in the graveyard. Also missing are the giant spiders, infected crows, and of course Crimson Heads from the remake of the first game. Although Lickers are included, unlike the original RE3. The standout in my opinion is the redesigned Hunter-ß and Hunter-y. I’ve always loved the Hunter’s but not until R3make did they truly unnerve me. The monster selection here is much better than in REmake 2. My biggest issue with the monsters is the inclusion of a new type of zombie known as the NE-α Type zombie. These are zombies infected via Nemesis with the NE-α parasite. Considering this parasite is based on the plaga from RE4 you will notice a lot of similarities between them and the Las Plaga villagers from that game. This was obviously done to connect the early lore more into the RE4 era lore but to me, it just feels unnecessary.

Although would it even be possible to talk about any retelling of RE3 without mentioning the monstrous Nemesis? Mr. X from REmake 2 acted very similar to how the classic era Nemesis worked so things were changed slightly this time around. Whereas Mr. X and classic Nemesis would show up to make navigating an area dangerous and tense modern Nemesis shows up to move you from one area to another. What I mean by this is that you will never have to explore an area, solve puzzles or generally focus on anything other than Nemesis himself when he’s around. He acts as a force of nature to move Jill from one point to another. First of all, he turns up to move Jill from her apartment to the subway station, again to move her from the subway to the sewers and then from the hospital basement to the underground lab and so on. There is only one point in the entire game when this isn’t true and that’s when you need to make it to the subway control room after turning on the power. This is certainly different from classic Nemesis, but I like it as it fits in this new version of RE3 nicely. If they had just introduced Nemesis as another Mr. X, then it would have felt repetitive, so this change works here. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want this to replace classic Nemesis, but it doesn’t. Both this remake and the original classic exist at the same time and complement each other really well.

I had a lot of hype going into this game. Jill Valentine is my favorite RE character so seeing her only solo game remade was something I had been waiting years for. The night it came out I waited up until midnight and played it through from start to finish in one sitting. I loved it then, I’ve loved it during the past 3 times I’ve replayed it after that, and it’s still held up during this 5th review playthrough. While I think Resident Evil 1’s remake is the best of the remake trilogy R3make comes in an extremely close second. As a massive RE3 fan this is everything I could have wanted. I would consider every issue I have to be a nitpick rather than a legitimate problem. Needless to say, you should play this masterpiece!

Recommendation Rating: 10 out of 10

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