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Resident Evil 6 Review

I played on: PS4
I paid: £12.55 (eBay)
Available on: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS4, Switch
Notes: I played the HD edition for this review but I've finished this game on PS3 as well and it appears to run the same just at a lower 720p resolution as opposed to the 1080p of the PS4 edition.

Resident Evil 6 is considered one of the worst games in the series but in my opinion, this just isn't true. It took the series in more of an action direction as opposed to the horror of its origins. Why does this have to be an exclusive horror series through? Like the monsters that the games are based around the thing I love about Resident Evil is its ability to evolve and change over time. Resident Evil 1, 3, 4, and all of the REmakes are my favorites but they are also all very different from each other. RE6 may not be the best game in the series or even the canon but it's not like I don't have fun playing it. The bonkers action, larger than ever story, and grotesque new monsters are fantastic so let's give this game the praise it deserves during this review.

The story takes place over 4 campaigns that vary in style, quality, and cast. You have Leon and his new partner Helena taking on corrupt politician Simmons. Sherry Birkin and Albert Wesker's son Jake Muller on the run from the new B.O.W Ustanak. Chris and the BSAA hunting down a rouge Ada Wong clone. Lastly, we have Ada trying to uncover the truth behind her doppelganger and how Simmons is involved in it all. Story-wise there are things this game does great and not-so-great. The scale of it feels massive and like it's truly the end of an era for the series. Most of the main Resident Evil cast make an appearance here and it's amazing. You get to see Leon and Chris face off against each other, Sherry meets up with Leon for the first time since Raccoon City and much more. The presentation as well is top-notch with beautiful graphics, voice acting, and music. This really does feel like the biggest Resident Evil game to date. The drawbacks are with the confusing story and just lack of direct information given to the player. I bet most people that have finished this game couldn't even explain what the Family is, or why Neo-Umbrella/Ada's Clone is hell-bent on destroying Simmons and the world. While this information is there it's never made clear and this leads to the story feeling confusing and unsatisfying.

The best thing about Resident Evil 6 through is its gameplay. Whereas Resident Evil 4 & 5 felt bulky this game feels fluid. Gone are the days of running, turning around, stopping and firing from a fixed position. You're able to run, use cover, melee, counterattack, slide along the floor, dive to the floor to fire from a prone position, and roll along the floor to avoid fire. I love how the combat in this game feels. This is a good thing because this is easily the most action-focused game of the series. You barely go 5 minutes without an explosion and while it's not horror it's also not boring. The set pieces are also astoundingly over-the-top. You will have to outrun an exploding highway, attack an aircraft carrier in a VTOL fighter jet and outrun an avalanche on a snowmobile to name a few. Resident Evil 6 turns the drama dial up to 11 and I love it!

Sure it also has its moments of annoying padding that slow the game down too much. The action is also as far removed from the slow exploration horror of the Spencer mansion as possible. But RE6 is still fun. I know I'd rather spend time with this game than say Survivor on the PS1, Code Veronica on the PS2, Operation Raccoon City on the PS3, or Umbrella Corps on the PS4. So I do think it's unfair how much hate Resi 6 gets from the fandom.

It's not great with the confusing story, annoying padding, and lack of any horror. But it's also not terrible because of its bonkers set-pieces and gratifying gameplay. This is at the end of the day just a middle of the road Resident Evil game that is unfairly disliked by the fandom.

Recommendation Rating: 6 out of 10

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