Saturday, July 13

The Story of Helga, the last Dragonborn

Born in the Imperial City of Cyrodiil as an Imperial Helga's fate seemed obvious to her. She grew up as the daughter of a blacksmith under the name of Telaisa Magevius. She met plenty of soldiers that visited her father's shop and felt immense pride in her race and home. Then in the year 4E 171, the Great War between the Aldmeri Dominion and the failing Empire started. Filled with pride and love for the Empire Telaisa forged her age on the recruitment papers and joined the Imperial Army. It's here that she learned to fight and defend herself with a sword and shield. After 4 long years, the war ended with the Empire signing a treaty banning the worship of Talos. Disgusted with the Empire's weakness Telaisa now 18 years old left the army. Over the next 26 years, she honed her skills at combat by working as a mercenary.

It was during these years that she was blinded in her left eye during a particularly troublesome bounty. This would prove to be one of many scars she would carry with her. Jaded from the war and endless conflict Telaisa grew bitter and power hungry. Her faith in the Empire weakened by their defeat in the Great War. All that Telaisa valued was wealth and strength. While not outright villainous she cared about herself above anyone else. This selfishness leed her to cross the border into Skyrim during 4E 201. It's here her story begins in earnest. She was caught in an ambush between the Imperial army and the Skyrim liberation group, the Stormcloaks. It was Telaisa's remaining respect for the Imperial army that caused her to sheath her weapon and be taken, prisoner.

She was taken to the city of Helgen. After the Imperial army ignored Telaisa's absence from the execution order any remaining loyalty to them vanished. It seems the Nine were on her side as moments before her execution the world eater, Alduin emerged from a rift in time and laid siege to Helgen. Telaisa abandoned her name and swore revenge on the Empire for almost killing her and took on the name history would remember her by, Helga, the last Dragonborn.

After escaping Helgen with the aid of the Stormcloaks she joined their cause. It's not that she believed in their desire of a free Skyrim but that she needed an army to take on the Empire with. She soon learned of her role as Dragonborn and trained with the Greybeards. Her lust for power and revenge saw her defeating both the Empire and Alduin. She managed to conquer most of Skyrim, brought ruin to the ancient Volkihar Vampire Clan while also raising the Dawnguard back to their former glory. Songs were written, legends told and Helga amassed enough wealth to please a King. Still, it wasn't enough so after a failed assassination attempt by an unknown cult she left for Solstheim.

During her time on the island of Solstheim she met the Daedric Prince of the unknown and hoarder of knowledge, Hermaeus Mora. She tried to resist becoming his champion but ultimately the power he offered was too much for her to deny and she submitted. So Helga the last Dragonborn defeated Miraak the first Dragonborn and replaced him as Hermaeus Mora's puppet in Tamriel. Returning to Skyrim she had gained all she wanted, wealth beyond imagination and power above most mortal's wildest dreams. But she had lost her love, pride, and humanity over the long years of her life.

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